Security broker

Trust no device.

Jimber security broker keeps all security risks in the contained environment.
We achieve a level of security far beyond the possibilities of today.

Current security issues

Keeping your company network and webapplications safe is becoming one of the main issues for every enterprise. Over the last few years multiple companies have suffered from several security issues. Hacking, viruses and phishing have become daily threats.

The task gets more complicated as company networks are extended with things as Bring Your Own Device and IOT. It’s nearly impossible to close all loopholes and keep all systems up to date and secure.

Many of these web applications are offered as a SAAS solution though companies are not always keen to drop crucial business information in the cloud.

Web applications with client side scripting can still be victim to numerous attacks. In fact, five out of the top ten of OWASP security risks are typical web API/Javascript vulnerabilities.

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Jimber Security Broker

Our security broker can host HTML and JavaScript based web applications and exposes these applications as a stream of graphics comparable to remote environments.

For the end user the difference to a normal website / application is very minimal. By using our broker that keeps all security risks in the contained environment, it is possible to achieve a level of security far beyond the possibilities of today.

Furthermore, using the Jimber security broker it is possible to develop a website for only one browser (Chrome) but expose it through every browser version that supports canvas/webgl.

Internet security

Our security broker allows you to separate office computers from the internet, and still allowing employees to access any websites.

Application security

Our security broker can expose your existing applications without submitting to vulnerabilities. Your application becomes secure no matter what technology you are using.

Document security

The security broker together our online desktop allows users to work everywhere in a very safe manner. Documents are contained in the safe environment and never downloaded to the end-user device, no trail left behind.

Internet securityThe proxy way

Our security broker makes it possible to separate office computers from the internet, and still allowing employees to access any websites. The broker is not vunerable to JavaScript, XSS or virus attacks. Since the employees have no direct internet access you achieve a full separation of company data and internet traffic. Downloads from the users can be placed in a hatch where an extra security audit of the files can be executed.

On top of this, the security broker works as an http(s) proxy and is completely transparent to the user. With no influence on the productivity of your employees and the advantage of maximum security and separation, the Jimber Security Broker is a no-brainer for every enterprise working with confidential information.

Extra functions built into the security broker enhance its functions even further.

Premise security

Security camera

Security camera

For highly vulnerable or confidential information there might be a need to have a maximum of traceability. Comparable to a security camera on a physical workspace, one way to achieve this is by recording all user actions.


Encrypted cookies

Keep session information and cookies away from devices of your users. By encrypting cookies it is no longer possible to use login information for malicious activity on compromised or stolen devices.

Native feel

The user will hardly notice a security component is used between himself and untrusted resources.


Full separation of the internet and your confidential company data.


Full control and traceability of activity.

Application securityThe reverse proxy way

Application security

Exposing your application over the internet inherently means exposing your API's to the world. Numerous attacks are possible. Fully securing and pen-testing your API's is a hard, if not impossible job.

Our security broker can be used as a reverse proxy, fully separating your application from the, sometimes evil, internet. For the users your webapplication is still available as any other website, but no http-endpoints of your application are reachable from the public internet. Furthermore, malicious software on the client device will not be able to interact with our broker.


Do not expose any API.

Very low chance on client-side browser attacks.

Infected/compromised browsers cannot access any data.

In-browser user control.

Document securityOnline desktop

Jimber desktop is a separated environment focussed on business and security. Our desktop allows users to work everywhere in a very safe manner.

By using our security broker with the Jimber desktop, employees can access confidential documents in a safe way on every device. Documents are contained in the safe environment and never downloaded to the device, no trail left behind.

Jimber has succeeded to create the first online desktop with built-in Browser. Besides this, by using our browser in a contained environment we achieve full separation of the client device.

Our Office



You can recognize the standard elements that you find in any modern operating system. You can move the apps around, snap the windows at the edges. Maximize, minimize just like a desktop operating system. All Jimber data is also stored on the secured business network.

When you leave Jimber and come back later, everything is just in place like you left it.

Jimber store

The Jimber store is comparable with the appstores on mobile phones.
It contains approved opensource business applications. In this way, Jimber ensures the safety of their apps.

Besides this, you can add your existing company applications to the store.

File browser

The built-in file browser allows you to connect your company's storage.


Jimber desktop is the world's first online desktop with a built-in browser. Our browser is light and fast like any modern webbrowser.

The advanced technology makes sure you can surf to any website in a fast, secure and contained manner.

Jimber Security Broker, trust no device.