Internet securityProxy way

Our security broker allows you to disconnect office computers from the internet and still allowing employees to access any websites.

Application securityReverse proxy way

Our security broker can expose your existing applications without submitting to vulnerabilities. Your application becomes secure no matter what technology you are using.

Document securityOnline desktop

The security broker together our online desktop allows users to work everywhere in a very safe manner. Documents are contained in the safe environment and never downloaded to the end-user device, no trail left behind.

We develop your tailored high-end applications and leverage the power of existing opensource projects. Jimber has a team of specialists in C++, PHP and front-end technologies.

Our strong skills in remoting technology can be leveraged to create several applications for your business. We also provide consultancy for your highly scalable applications using different architectures such as microservices, CQRS and event sourcing.

Jimber Security Broker, trust no device.